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Men's Hair of Newport
172-174 Bellevue Av, Suite #316 B, 3rd Floor


Welcome! My name is Kimsoo, owner for 19 years and solo stylist. My unique online system allows you to see appointment availability anytime and anywhere for your convenience. This system works best for those who text, have access to the internet, like scheduled appts and want quality consistent hair styles. Since I work solo, I am usually extremely busy and like to give my undivided attention to whoever is in my chair, I found this system to work great, especially if you read ALL of the easy as pie directions below. I will do my best to respond to last minute requests, first come first served. I typically work Tues through Fri and some half days on Saturday but it changes all the time. On my days off, I am not attached to my business cell so planning ahead is best.  🌸


1.  View schedule only. You can not BOOK online. 
 White slots are available 👍🏼
Blue slots already taken 🚫
* always refresh screen for updated schedule.

Text anytime, first come, first served. 30 min bookings top of the hour and half past. I will do my best with last minute requests.

2.  Text request to 401-862-9599, 
with your full name, day and time.
 Not booked until confirmed.

3. Text only. Email and Calls are not used in this system.

4. $1 credit card processing fee. I share the cost with you. 

5.  No shows & late cancellations will probably get charged but as we know, life happens so it depends on the situation. 

* Hold cellphone landscape view (sideways) to see the week. Scroll down to open hours or forward to future dates. *

Men's Hair of Newport

Waiting Room
Elevator available to 3rd Flr Waiting Room 
Please be aware the waiting room is shared by other businesses. 


Free All Day on Memorial Blvd East, West of Bellevue

    * 30 min free with no validation
at Bellevue Shopping Ctr tourist season

2 hrs free Williams St & Memorial West

Parking Meters run May 1st to October 31st

174 Bellevue Ave